MONCADA ABOGADOS was founded in 1997 by Juan Carlos Moncada with other professors and practicing lawyers in the city of Medellín where he started his business advising state agencies and a growing number of private companies in various areas of law. Once positioned in the city of Bogota, he was noted for its comprehensive advice in the field of public law, especially in the legislative, constitutional control, utilities, technology information, disciplinary matters, administrative procedures, procurement and arbitration.

Subsequently, and as the product of the union with the firm Legal Advisors Business headed by Alvaro Barrero Buitrago  with presence since 1977, Moncada Abogados expanded its business to commercial law, competition, civil, financial, real estate, urban development, labor and social security and family law.

Thanks to its internationalization and recurrent needs of its clients in recent years, the firm extended its practice to customs law, international trade, taxation, international, immigration, environmental, mining and energy, intellectual property and insurance.